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3 columns for widget under header

  • user-366 Paul Van Ross


    1) I have a small area under my header image that is wasted space? How do I remove it? see. image 1…

    2) If i wanted to divide that space into 3 columns and insert widgets how do I do that? (like the…see image 2


    Posted 5 years ago
  • user-330 Rohan Khandeparkar

    Hi Paul,

    If you go to your homepage (in backend) you will fine a custom content area below the WP editor. In that you will find a section called Top area. You can enter the shortcodes here to divide it into 3 column layout.

    If you want to hide that area, please use the following css code:

    .light #top-holder{

    display: none;


    Thank you,

    Posted 5 years ago