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Problems with Equal Height

  • Adrian Galatanu


    I`m having problems with Equal Height from Visual Composer. I saw that it was missing, i did some tweaks in the code, and i added it back. But if i activate the Equal Height, nothing happens.

    Can you tell me what do i have to edit in your theme code to make the Equal Height work again?

    User: perfect.memories Pass: n9mmOExVK*7PhC&CBy

    The page where i have problems is the Home Page: . Near the texts , i have an image. The text is not Vertical Aligned well because of the Equal Height feature that is not working.

    I know that my Support License have expired, but its a very small question: What do i have to edit to make the Equal Height work again?

    Thanks alot!

    Under the Revolution Slider, i have 2-3 Visual Composer Rows:

    1. “Wij van willen dat u blij bent met uw ervaring bij ons ,zodat uw tevredenheid is gegarandeerd.”

    2. ““The greatest gift in life is to be remembered.” – Jackie Chan”

    3. “Een mooi geschenk,gezien het feit dat mensen zijn verbonden met het herdenken van speciale en bijzondere tijden Gegraveerde foto plateau’s zijn een bijzonder huwelijksgeschenk, verjaardag geschenken, afstudeer giften, of het creëren van een blijvend gedenkteken voor een verloren geliefde of huisdier.”

    Posted 2 years ago
  • user-1260 Laur Ghe Staff

    Hi Adrian,

    I am sorry for kept you waiting for so long.

    Unfortunately, we don’t provide support for theme or plugins altered code.The theme uses a custom version of Visual Composer, which is needed in order to can assure the compatibility with the theme and its plugins.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Posted 2 years ago