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Vertical Space on the Homepage

  • user-159 Kris Ikebukuro

    Hi, I’m trying to add the vertical space code on the homepage’s content editor but it doesn’t work. I would like to put the text “scroll down to see more” at the bottom of the intro video section (screenshot attached). I really hope someone could help me to solve my problem in any way… thanks and compliments for you amazing work!

    Posted 3 years ago
  • user-1260 Laur Ghe Staff

    Hi Kris,

    Thank you for using our theme and for your kind words 🙂

    Please provide a live URL to be sure I understand correctly about what content is talking. If needed, you can set the comment like private.

    Looking forward to your answer.

    Posted 3 years ago
  • user-159 Kris Ikebukuro Private

    This comment is set as private as it may contain personnal informations.

    Posted 3 years ago
  • user-1260 Laur Ghe Staff

    Hi again Chris,

    Please go to WP Admin > Aku > Custom CSS and paste this code:

    #hero-content h1 {
        margin-top: 150px;

    Best regards.

    Posted 3 years ago
  • user-159 Kris Ikebukuro

    Hi Laur, thanks.

    Now the full text is more centered so it’s better but my initially goal was to put only this text at the bottom of the video window:


    I tried to use the vertical space code to move only this text but it doesn’t work…
    do you think this can be solved?

    Thanks a lot again for your time and assistance,

    Posted 3 years ago
  • user-1260 Laur Ghe Staff

    Hi again Kris,

    All this header content is from a single WordPress editor box. There is no such built in feature. You can add manually such a space between text and [scroll down] hitting the [enter] key in the editor. Or, add a custom CSS class to that p tag and style it according.

    For instance, on the header editor use this:

    <p class="myscroll">↓ SCROLL DOWN TO SEE MORE&nbsp;↓</p>

    On WP Admin > Aku > Custom CSS and paste this code:

    .myscroll { text-align: center; padding-top:200px;}

    I hope that helps!

    Posted 3 years ago