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Posting Links to child pages

  • Micah Culver

    So I have a blog section with product reviews and such, and the page Synth Reviews N.I. is a parent page for 3 synthesizers from Native Instruments that I am reviewing. So my question is, since the page Synth Reviews is bare, but in the menu it has the drop downs for the child pages, how do I post links to the child pages (specific synthesizers) in the parent page so it’s not just blank? Love the theme buddy! Just trying to get acquainted with it. 🙂

    Posted 6 years ago
  • Constantin Saguin Author


    You can use the toolbar link button in the text editor to link text to any page.

    You can also insert any image in your post and link it to your review page.

    I hope it will help

    Posted 6 years ago