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Ticket #2999 in : Unsolved

Portfolio Image Resizing

  • Dan O'Driscoll

    I am using the Northern Gentlemen theme and am using the Portfolio items with featured images. Everything is great, except the images on the portfolio pages are being resized. This means the width I’m hoping to have (especially on larger screens) just isn’t there.

    I’m uploading images at 1500px but they are getting suffixed with “-1140×639” and as a result are not showing at the width I intended. I’ve checked the media library and they are definitely being stored at full width.

    Your help is very much appreciated.

    Posted 5 years ago
  • Gareth Gillman Staff

    HI Dan

    what’s the sizes set to in settings > images? Just uploaded to my own demo site and uploaded 2000×1500 fine so likely an issue with the settings or another plugin changing the image sizes


    Posted 5 years ago