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Ticket #10110 in : Resolved

Anchors Away

  • John Melson

    I have setup a nav menu with a sub menu to different categories. It works great if you are on the menu page itself, but when navigating from all other pages it doesn’t scroll to the anchor correctly, the top is cut off by the nav menu. Once I land on the page, it works great!

    Posted 1 month ago
  • user-1260 Laur Ghe Staff

    Hi John,

    Thank you for the patience.

    Please disable all the third-party plugins and try again in an incognito/private browser. It works properly now?

    Looking forward to your answer.


    Posted 1 month ago
  • user-1260 Laur Ghe Staff

    Closing tickets. Since we are migrating the support platform, if still need assistance, please use this link to open a new ticket using this link:

    Posted 4 weeks ago