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Customize the Navigation Colour with CSS

  • Joe Stöckel


    where can i decided the Colour of the Navigation at Sticky Menu. It´s always white or black (so dark and light Theme) but i need it in blue.

    I hope you can help me.



    Posted 1 year ago
  • user-1260 Laur Ghe Staff

    Hi Joe,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    There is no such a feature. However, you can apply on WP Admin > Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and paste a code like this: #nav-bar { 
        color: #4cadc9!important;

    Please note this support forum doesn’t cover customizations. Please check this knowledge article to see how you can find the appropriate CSS classes for such changes:

    Have a great day!

    Posted 1 year ago
  • Joe Stöckel

    Thank you Laur,


    sorry for this wrong ticket. But in the Knowlegebase i don´t find something for this.

    But what you wrote me is to change the color of the social media buttons in de Menu, not the Background?

    Posted 1 year ago
  • user-1260 Laur Ghe Staff

    Hi again,

    In documentation, we don’t provide information for customization, since we provide support just for the original theme files/styles. The above code is an example. If need to change the background, then use the CSS background style to that piece of code. Ex:

    background: #4cadc9!important;

    Let me know if have other questions about the theme usage. If the above information doesn’t help you enough in the matter of customization, feel free to ask for a quote on our service page:

    Best regards.

    Posted 1 year ago