My fonts/icons are not displayed

If you can’t see your font or if little squares are displayed instead of icons (because some icons are generated by a special font include in most themes), it probably means that your server is not allowed to load font files.

If this happens to you, pls contact you hosting service company and ask them to allow the loads of self hosted fonts on your servers.

This article may also help if you can edit your htacess file


Update Fails

If after updating a theme you got a blank screen or errors, it is because the theme structure has changed.

So if you drop the new files through FTP, some old files can be still there causings bugs.

To fix this, remove all old files from the theme folder and re-upload the new ones. You can also remove the theme and re-install it. You won’t lose any settings or content.

Note that we will not rebuild the theme structure very often, so you shouldn’t have to do that more than one time.

Besides that, most of my themes have a zip upload update system, and in the recent versions, updating through zip upload will remove unnecessary files to avoid this inconvenience.

Theme Installation fails – Stylesheet is missing

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a “Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme.

First, you can check the installation instructions in the documentation included in your theme package.

Be sure to do NOT install the whole downloaded package.

You will find more informations to fix this issue here.

Where can I find the documentation?

The documentation is included in your theme package.

Be sure to extract the archive (zip file) downloaded on themeforest, first.

To read the documentation, open the “Documentation” folder and double click on the Documentation.html file.

This will open the doc in your browser.

I got a 404 Error on a custom post type single page. What can I do?

Most of the time, if a custom post type single page shows a 404 error, there is simple thing to do to fix this:

Go to your wordpress settings -> permalinks and hit the “Save” button.

If you still encounter errors with your permalink stucture, it may be related to your server. Be sure that you hosting service provides the mod_rewrite PHP extension.

Where can I find my purchase code?

Here are the instructions to find your purchase code.


When I paste a shortcode, it is displayed with a white background/white stripes and it looks broken. What can I do?

When you paste your shortcode in your text editor, be sure that it is formatted as paragraph

Edit faq ‹ WpWolf Helpdesk — WordPress

You can also switch your editor to text mode, check for the code tags and remove them

I can’t see the change when I replace the favicon by my own file in the theme folder.

This is related to your browser’s cache. Once you have replaced your favicon(s), you will be able to see the changes after empty your browser’s cache or by opening your website in incognito mode.

If you use a cache plugin, such as W3 Total Cache, purge your cache/CDN to see the changes.

How can I insert dummy content?

Most of my premium themes include a default content XML file in the theme package. (usually demo.xml)

You need to use WordPress Importer plugin to upload the demo.xml file. If you have installed default pages on theme installation (if your theme includes this feature), delete all pages and empty the trash to avoid duplicated pages.

  1. Install WordPress importer.
  2. Go in the “Tools” -> “Import” section of your WordPress admin panel
  3. Choose WordPress
  4. Upload the demo.xml file included in the theme package

WordPress importer is not 100% reliable especially if you choose to download attachment images.

How can I replace the default theme logo by my own?

You can upload your own logo in the theme options of the theme, usually in the general/main settings tab.

For some themes, it can be uploaded through the customizer.

For details more specific to your theme, read the Documentation included in your theme package.

How can I change the appearance of my theme?

All my premium themes include a theme options panel that allows you to change the main appearance of your theme.

But if you want to customize a specific element that can’t be modified in the theme options, the following tip may be helpful.

First off, if you want to modify the theme’s files and/or edit the main stylesheet, it is strongly recommended to create a child theme.

Here is some tips to help you customize your theme.