Important note before updating to Musicpro 3.0+

If you’re installing Musicpro for the first time (3.0 or higher), you don’t need to read the following.

If you’re updating from 2.7.4 or a lower version there are important things to know.

Why should I update ?

Music Pro has been entirely re-built to offer the best features possible.

  1. Responsive
  2. Store re-buit with complete paypal integration (Paypal Cart system)
  3. jPlayer pumped and now supports multiple playlists and digital download links for each song (itunes, amazon) *
  4. Gallery feature re-buit now uses the WP 3.5+ gallery manager (multiple upload)
  5. Slider managers improved (more options, re-crop image feature and more..)
  6. Show dates system re-built & improved (easier to use)
  7. Video gallery page
  8. Discography page
  9. SEO optimization improvements
  10. Translation optimized
  11. Theme options have been improved and simplified
  12. Third-party plugins compatibility improved
  13. Many script improvements

Be sure to check the demo to view the brand new version:

Should I do the update as usual ?

Not exactly.

Here is the update instructions.

First, it is strongly recommended to update your WordPress installation to the 3.5 version.

    1. Important : make a backup of the MusicPro theme inside your WordPress installation folder /wp-content/themes/musicpro before attempting to update.
    2. Login to your ThemeForest account, go to your downloads section and re-download the theme as you did when you purchased it.
    3. To update the theme, first delete all files from the “musicpro” folder through your FTP account.
    4. Extract the zip’s contents, find the extracted theme folder and upload all the new files to the /wp-content/themes/musicpro folder.
    5. Download “wolf-music-network”, “wolf-gram”,  “wolf-shortcodes” and “wolf-socials” plugins here
    6. Extract the downloaded plugin archives and upload each plugin folder in wp-content/plugins/ (e.g wolf-shortcodes)
    7. In your wordpress admin panel, go in plugins and activate the plugins.


Once you you have  installed this new version, delete your browser cache and refresh your admin page and front end to see the changes.

Will I lose my content and my theme settings ?

In fact, no. All your content and settings will be still recorded in your wordpress database.

However, you will find your website content and settings altered after updating.

No worries, I have created a plugin dedicated to Music Pro users that will allow you to restore your website as it was : Musicpro Upgrader.

After updating your previous version and upgrade your content with Musicpro Upgrader, you will be able to update to future versions as usual.

Note that as the new gallery system now uses the WordPress gallery/media manager, you will lose all your galleries.

How to install and use Musicpro Upgrader plugin ?

      1. Download the plugin by clicking on the download button below
      2. Extract the archive
      3. Upload the bd-musicpro-upgrader folder to your wp-content/plugins folders through FTP
      4. Activate the plugin in your plugins admin page
      5. Run the plugin in the Bd Musicpro Upgrader admin panel


[wolf_button text=”Download Musicpro Upgrader” url=”http://downloads.wolfthemes.com/plugins/BdMusicproUpgrader-v1.0.zip” color=”accent-color” size=”medium” type=”square” icon=”fa-adjust” icon_position=”after”]

Off course, if you have made huge changes to the theme, you are free to keep the 2.7.4 version, but be advised that version under 3.0 will be no longer supported.

Thanks for your understanding.

*It is recommended to use the 3rd party plugin instead of the plugin included in the theme

It is basically an improved version of the in-buit player.

After installing the new plugin, if you don’t want your old jplayer to appear in the admin, simply delete the includes/features/bd-jplayer folder